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Did you know that a moth has no stomach? Or that only female ducks quack? It’s a fact that only two out of every three people can snap their fingers; and that an apple, potato and onion all taste the same if you eat them with a peg on your nose.

If you didn’t know these fascinating bits of trivia then you haven’t heard about Wacky … but true, the fun, general knowledge magazine for children published in Australia.

Barbara Fisher says,
“Not long ago I found Wacky … but true, and instantly knew I had found a gem. The name itself is enough to make kids want to delve into it – after all they love to read about the wacky side of life and this is one magazine that makes them WANT to read. Each factual story or article is short and compact and just the right length for reluctant readers to tackle. Paragraphs are separated by colour or style to break the stories up into manageable sections on each page. The magazine has 76 pages of full colour fun, with a glossy cover and attractive illustrations or photographs throughout. It is aimed at 8 to 14 year olds, but children as young as 6 years old have been known to enjoy reading it.”

The magazine is edited and published by Michelle Down, a primary teacher/ librarian. She says she loves doing the writing and research and feels the magazine is filling a gap in providing children with reading material that increases their general knowledge in a fun way. The magazine includes articles from history and nature, stories about people who have done great things for God, and wacky facts from everywhere.

Michelle has recently begun the InkRoom, which is an avenue for budding authors to submit their work. Children send their stories and poems to the InkRoom website for others to read and comment on, and the best are published in the Wacky magazine each month. Prizes are awarded for the best submissions.

The magazine has been very popular with homeschooling groups and Christian school librarians who are keen to provide the children with a magazine that upholds Christian ethics and values.

Sally Knoechel, a homeschooling mum, says
“I want to thank the Wacky team for such an exceptional and interesting mag. My kids devour it every month. My husband and I have four kids we are homeschooling so the comprehension questions you provide are brilliant… not that I doubt they are understanding and devouring what they are reading. Often, as we come across various topics in our work, I hear from Josiah, “I’ve got an article about that in my Wacky”! I have recommended this mag to so many Mums and Dads and teachers… there is nothing like it.”

Comprehension question sheets are provided free each month for teachers and parents to use with the magazine. There are 11 issues each year, with Dec/Jan combined.

Kids love the mag so much they regularly write in to tell the editors what they think. Like Benson who says “Dear wacky but true, I absolutely loooooooooove ur mags. They are so interesting and educational.” Ben adds “Your magazine is brilliant. I think it is fantastic. I’ve been subscribing for three years now.”


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