Got questions? This might help!
What size is the magazine?
Wacky but True is an A5 size mag – great for reading without having the pages flop over. There are 68 pages jam packed with glossy pictures, fascinating information and fun activities.

How many issues are there a year?
There are 11 issues a year. Dec/Jan are combined.

When does a subscription begin?
It can begin at any time during the year. Just return your completed form with payment and your subscription will begin - usually with the next issue. However, if you want it to begin earlier or later (maybe for a birthday or Christmas present) just let us know.

Why did you start this magazine? What makes it different from the others?
This is what we see as the Wacky advantage:

• Children LEARN while they read!
• VALUES, such as honesty and care for the environment, are promoted where possible.
• There are NO ADS
• Every magazine features a story about someone who has achieved great things against all odds
• We don’t waste time on GOSSIP about movies, movie stars etc.
• There is nothing about horoscopes, witches, or the occult. It’s all just good clean FUN.
• We want kids to have fun with the wide world of facts and useless errr... useful information
• It’s like a small book of facts delivered to your doorstep every month

Where do you get all your information from?
That’s a question we get asked a lot. It comes from books, Internet, other magazines, encyclopedias, newspapers. Sometimes we just hear a snippet of something interesting and then we research the topic, find all there is to know about it, and then condense it down into an interesting article.

Is it all really true?
We research as much as possible to make sure all our information is accurate, but if our sources have it wrong, then we’re wrong too!

Will you ever run out of things to write about?
No chance! There’s just too much interesting stuff from the past, and happening right now, to ever run out of info.

Do boys read this mag?

Here’s what Claire Cheeseman has to say:
“Our school library subscribes to Wacky... but true and the children LOVE reading them, [I do too]. The best purchase I have ever made to enthuse my boy readers particularly.”

And girls?
Yes. Heaps of girls subscribe too and they love it just as much as the boys!

Leonie Savage says:
“Congratulations on an excellent and professional magazine. Our school subscribed to your magazine in June this year and so far they have been enthusiastically received by the students. So much so that I am writing to request you send us all the back copies on offer."

How do I subscribe?
There are many ways to subscribe to this great magazine …...

Complete your details from our secure website, including your credit card details if you wish to use credit card. If an invoice is required, just fill in the details and we will send you one. Use the “Comments” section to give us any other instructions.

Print off the subscription form and send it in with your cheque:

PO Box 565
Junortoun Vic 3551

Contact us by email and we will send out an invoice if you live in Australia

Call on 0354 493919 and we will be happy to take care of your needs.

How do I renew?
In much the same way as you subscribed. If your renewal is late coming in we will automatically send you any copies you may have missed.

What do I do if I receive a renewal notice, but I've already paid?
If you have received a renewal notice after you paid your subscription, they probably crossed in the mail. Just ignore the renewal notice or contact us if you have a query.

How do I purchase back issues?
Write, email, fax, phone or use the website to request back copies.

Ask about the Wacky mags available as back copies

How do I change my address?
Just send us an email or post in the form on your coversheet to request an address change./p>